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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Hello dear readers and a very belated Happy New Year!
I thought we should start this year off with a nice anime movie called The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006). - 31024 the_girl_who_leapt_through_time

The story is about Makoto, a young girl who, after a mysterious incident in the science lab, discovers that she can move backwards in time. Well, more specifically (and as the title suggests), she can leap back in time. At first Makoto is having a blast with her newfound powers, but quickly enough she learns that changing the past can have dire consequences for the future. Will she be able to undo her mistakes and create a happy future for herself and her friends?
This is a very sweet movie about friendship, love and learning to understand and deal with the consequences of one’s actions (however it gives a falls impression of the practicality of seriously short school uniforms. That skirt is not ok for leaping in public!). It has won several awards, including the Fantasty Filmfest Official Selection 2007 and the Japan Academy Price of Animation of the Year 2007. It is absolutely a film worth watching!

Love, Elin

A Short Disclaimer

Do not despair, dear readers! We have not quit you again! It’s just that we’re currently spending Christmas with our families, which leaves precious little time for blogging. Rest assured, we will keep on blogging in the new year. You are not abandoned!

Happy Christmas, everybody!

Love, Vili Flik.

One of our many theme songs

Enjoy 🙂


Hello dear internet!

We apologise profusely for the lack of updates the past year. We’ve been busy doing actual paid work, moving (some of us abroad), and generally being fabulous! But we feel bad, and we miss you guys and doing this, so we have decided to try to resurrect the blog. Yay!

So from this week on, we will try to update regularly again. Now, we are not promising to update as often as we used to (5-7 times a week), because we have lives and jobs and are responsible, important adults now, but we are aiming for at least three updates a week.

So enjoy, good people of the vast internet. We have missed you, and we hope you’ll keep checking for updates (even though we’ve let you down for some time now). We love you all!


Elin, Hanna and Mari

Guccio Gucci

Guccio Gucci (1881-1953) was an Italian business man and fashion designer, and I shan’t insult your intellects by asking you to guess which fashion house he is founder of.

House of Gucci was founded as early as in 1906, in Florence, and began as a small leather saddlery shop, expanding to Rome in 1938, Milan in 1951 and Manhattan in 1953.

Today Gucci is, with talented Creative Director Frida Giannini (1972 -) at the wheel, the largest selling Italian brand. Something went right.

Gucci did well up till the 1980s, when conflicts in the Gucci family threatened to bring the house down. Eventually it was sold to another company, a company which had the brilliant idea of bringing in Tom Ford, to restore the house’s glory. And restore it he did.

Since 1997, House of Gucci has acquired other awesome fashion houses, such as Yves Saint Laurent, and sharing with Stella McCartney Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

And in 2005, Frida Giannini took over as Ford’s role as Creative Director. And that brings us up to date? What do you think?

Love, Hanna

Merry Christmas!

We wish all our wonderful readers a glorious holiday!

Love from Mari, Hanna and Elin