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Johnny Depp

Welcome to another fabolous first feature here at Vili Flik – our Hottie of the Week. Now this feature will not be as superficial as you may think – it takes more than just good looks to be hot! (But of course it doesn’t hurt 😉 ) A Vili Flik Hottie is someone we admire in some way or another. Now, normally, we at Vili Flik strive to stand out from the crowd, but today we are proud to join the ranks of people who admire Johnny Depp. Technically he’s not just Hottie of the Week, he is Hottie of Every Week.

Now, Johnny Depp is one of the most good-looking men who ever walked the planet, but, he is more than that! He is awesomely cool and tends to choose weird and brilliant movies to play in, like:

Edward Scissorhands:


Corpse Bride:

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Sweeney Todd:

Alice in Wonderland:

For a complete list over movies Johnny Depp has starred in, go here. In addition to this, Depp is also one of the world’s greatest fashion icons – mixing different styles as he sees fit. And the result is glorious. We at Vili Flik adore him. Here’s a last picture to make your day even better.

Love, Hanna

Coco Chanel

Tuesday is Designer Day here at Vili Flik. That means that every Tuesday we will focus on a designer whose clothes we love and adore. And who more fitting for our very first Designer Day than the Queen of Fashion, Her Majesty Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer and founder of Chanel. The style is often simple as the designer herself claimed that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Chanel’s two or three piece suit has been a modern and elegant look since the 1920s and still remains so today.


 The little black dress is another thing we have Chanel to thank for. This signature piece is a must have in every girls wardrobe, and rightly so, as there are few items more easy to dress up or down than a little black dress.


Chanel liberated women in the way of clothing, steering away from corsets to more comfortable clothes, and making jersey a new fashion fabric. Can you imagine life without jersey? You might think that a bimbo comment, but seriously, if you think about it, I bet a lot of your clothes are made of some sort of jersey fabric, that pre-Chanel were only used for making underwear. I told you she was awesome.


Chanel still ranks as one of the world’s most elegant and prestigious brands in the fashion business, with the genius Karl Lagerfeld on the throne.


If you want to admire more glorious pictures of Chanel clothing, I strongly advise you to visit

Love, Hanna

The very first post

Hello and welcome to our fabulous blog! I am honoured to be writing this very first Monday Madness-post. You have a lot of treats to look forward to, but I thought it would be best to simply begin by introducing the crew and give you a little taste of our magnificent style. So with no further ado, this is us:






Mari is wearing: Dress: H&M; shoes: Bianco; Coat: vintage; Necklace: H&M; gloves: Accesorize.





Elin is wearing: Dress: vintage; tights: Modcloth; shoes: Kawasaki.





Hanna is wearing: Top: Gina Tricot, redesigned by Hanna; shoes: Vintage; Hat: Accesorize; Skirt: Read! by Hanna Volle.

Still not convinced? Read the “about” to find out what the purpose of this blog is, and I’m sure you will be.

We all hope you will enjoy this blog as much as we will!

Love, Elin