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Today’s post is mostly for those of you who are in the Budapest-area or planning a visit to Budapest (which you totally should because it is a beautiful city). And if you are, then this is the place to shop: Jajcica (which is Hungarian for “cat”).

The shop is located in Dohány Utca 94, in the seventh district, which is a bit outside of the typical tourist areas and therefore it can be slightly difficult to find. However, it is well worth looking for. A winding staircase takes you down to a basement filled with everything your vintage-loving heart can desire. Three narrow rooms are stacked from floor to ceiling with swing skirts, Levis 501’s, wedding dresses, biker’s clothes, Doc Martin boots, Adidas sneaker’s, military clothes, top hats, bowler hats, gasmasks, jewelry, buttons, Marvel t-shirts, vests, ties, roller skates, bags, gloves, scarves and everything in between. Seriously, they have everything! And the people working there are very nice too.

Jajcica is open 10 – 19 on weekdays and 10 – 14 on Saturdays, and you can visit their webpage here: Go check it out!

Love, Elin



Just a tiny little designer post today, about Gwen Stefani (1969 – ), an American probably most known as the lead vocalist for No Doubt.

I’m usually quite the sceptic when musicians decide they wanna be designers, but I think Stefani does a good job. She’s no artist, in my opinion, but the clothes tend to be cool. See for yourself.

While in No Doubt, Stefani made most of her own stage costumes, which lead to her launching her own clothing line, L. A. M. B. (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) in 2003.

Though the clothes are cool in themselves, I feel that more could be done presentation wise. Where are the colors and the abundance of accessories? The collections would look so much better if there were just a little more umph to them. Or at least that’s my not so very humble opinion.

Love, Hanna

Vili Flik Design

Decadence Design by Mari Baustad

Vili Flik Design

Skirt: imp by Elin Fjøsne

The Fry Chronicles

I have been watching a lot of QI lately and am falling deeper and deeper in love with that wonderful man Stephen Fry. He is truly a work of genius. But not only is he interesting on TV, he is also very interesting in writing, and this is why you should all read The Fry Chronicles (as well as all his other books of course).

The Fry Chronicles is an autobiography in two volumes. The first describes his childhood years and the second is about his time at university and his first years working for the BBC.

The books are very interesting and wonderfully written, and you will find yourself wanting to be his best friend (and possible regretting not making more of your own years at university).

I truly recommend spending some time with the Fry.

And here is a bonus video for you, expressing what many women surely must feel:

Love, Elin

Splash of Greatness

My amazing new shoes. I couldn’t walk more than 1 meter in them even if my life depended on it, but they do look great. They shall be my reading shoes. And I shall be the most awesome looking reader ever.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Love, Hanna

Mad Men

Another weekend is upon us, and as December is closing in with its Christmas parties and joyful season, I thought it best to stay within the realm of style. Let’s face it, we all want a new dress for each party we will be attending this Christmas, and we all want our dress to be the prettiest, coolest, awsomest one (yeah, you can totally say “awsomest”). That is why you shall all spend this weekend watching Mad Men. Even if you hate the storyline and the characters, you can’t help but fall in love with the clothes and the set. Oh, the glory of upper class early 60s style! *sigh*

Anyway, Mad Men is about Donald Draper, who works in advertising, has a mysterious background, a desperate housewife and oh so many mistresses. It is set in New York in the 60s, and let me tell you; male chauvinism, adultery and alcohol abuse never looked this good!

I love this show; the story is intriguing, the dialogues well-written and the characters are interesting. This is a show where you actually really care what happens to your favorite characters. If you have not seen it yet, get going!

Love, Elin