You're not in Kansas anymore…


Just a tiny little designer post today, about Gwen Stefani (1969 – ), an American probably most known as the lead vocalist for No Doubt.

I’m usually quite the sceptic when musicians decide they wanna be designers, but I think Stefani does a good job. She’s no artist, in my opinion, but the clothes tend to be cool. See for yourself.

While in No Doubt, Stefani made most of her own stage costumes, which lead to her launching her own clothing line, L. A. M. B. (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) in 2003.

Though the clothes are cool in themselves, I feel that more could be done presentation wise. Where are the colors and the abundance of accessories? The collections would look so much better if there were just a little more umph to them. Or at least that’s my not so very humble opinion.

Love, Hanna


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