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Alexander McQueen

Today’s Designer Day is dedicated to the awesome British designer Alexander McQueen, who sadly committed suicide earlier this year.

Lee Alexander McQueen was born in London in 1969, and left school at age 16 to work as an apprentice for a tailor company. He moved on to theatrical costumes, gradually mastering more and more methods of cutting pattern, which developed the razor sharp tailoring which later became a McQueen signature. At age 20 he got a job working for designer Koji Tatsuno, before finishing his Master’s degree in fashion design in 1992. When he showed his first collection that year, Isabella Blow – style guru and fashion director of Tatler – bought the entire collection.

Alexander McQueen quickly became a respected name in the industry of fashion. In 1996 he was made chief designer at Givenchy, and in 2000, 51% of Alexander McQueen was acquired by the Gucci Group, where Mr. McQueen remained Creative Director.

The style of Alexander McQueen tends to be one of contrasts: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity, as well as raw energy, romantic and gothic aesthetic.

After Lee Alexander McQueens tragic death, Sarah Burton has become Creative Designer for Alexander McQueen. She showed her first collection for Alexander McQueen at this fall’s London Fashion Week, which you can see here.

Personally, I’m not sure what I feel about Sarah Burton yet, but I should give her a chance – she’s got some really large shoes to fill! But while I decide, I’ll leave you with some more great Alexander McQueen clothes.

Sorry if I went a little picture overboard, but it’s just so pretty and glorious and fine and good!

Love, Hanna


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