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Splash of Greatness

Splash of Greatness

For my birthday last year, the o so highly exaulted Elin gave me an awesome orange and green fabric. That fabric has now finally become a skirt (and a dress, but let’s focus on the skirt for now).

Check it out:

Part 1 035

Part 1 040

Part 1 042

Skirt: Read! by Hanna Volle

Lola Ramona

I would like to present to you one of my favourite shoe designers, Lola Ramona. Her shoes have that perfect blend of style, fun, classic and quirky design, and wearableness (is that a word..?) which make them perfect for any occasion. I currently own two pairs, with a third on its way recently ordered online. Now, living in the middle of nowhere (more or less), the only shop that sold these in my area has just gone out of business. No wonder, considering the lack of style on display in town every day… Fortunately, we live in an age of online shopping, so I can still get my Lola Ramona fix – and as they are not too expensive, I will definitely continue to buy them! Why, you ask? Well, take a look at these goodies:




I own these...

I own these…


…and these…

...with these ordered and hopefully arriving any day now.

…with these ordered and hopefully arriving any day now.

Polka dots, bows, and stripes are signature features, which is perfect for us gals here at Vili Flik! (In case you haven’t noticed, these features do tend to pop up in our own designs…) She also prefers a round toe as opposed to those less flattering pointy ones, and the heels are sturdy enough to walk in without dying. The colours are usually black and white, primary colours and rockabilly pink. Get out there and get a pair of Lola Ramonas! You will be stylish in no time!

Love, Mari

Splash of Greatness

My amazing new shoes. I couldn’t walk more than 1 meter in themĀ evenĀ if my life depended on it, but they do look great. They shall be my reading shoes. And I shall be the most awesome looking reader ever.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Love, Hanna

Splash of Greatness

Splash of Greatness

Dress: Rustic Design, by Annette of course

(Another) Disclaimer (or, possibly, just an anecdote)

So, Hanna and myself were innocently walking the streets of Trondheim the other day, when a man came running after us. This being election time in Norway, we naturally assumed that he was going to try and talk us into voting for some party or other, but lo and behold, he wanted us to model. Oh yeah. And not in a sleazy way either.

Turned out that Mercur, a local shopping centre, was shooting a commercial in the street. They had advertised for models, but apparently attendance was low (or, more likely, visually disappointing. So much beige!). We, being our usual colourful and stylish selves, caught the guy’s eye, and were subsequently headhunted to pose in our fabulous outfits.

What were we wearing, you ask? Well, Hanna looked green and gorgeous in her own design:

while yours truly wore a colourful and snazzy vintage dress:

If you’re in Trondheim, look out for these lovely ladies in a cinema near you, as the advertisement is to be shown in theatres this autumn and winter (or possibly later..).

Love, Mari the model

Splash of Greatness

Skirt: Rustic Design by Annette, of course.