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Merry Christmas!

We wish all our wonderful readers a glorious holiday!

Love from Mari, Hanna and Elin


United Bamboo

United Bamboo is a fashion house founded by Vietnamese-born designer Thuy Pham and Japanese-born designer Miko Aoki. They made their New York runway debut in fall 2004.

In addition to fashion, the duo also collaborate in making art and music.

Interestingly, United Bamboo issue an annual calendar of cats wearing the brands runway costumes. Like this,


For each collection, Pham and Aoki blend patterns and different cuts with a downtown chic style, creating an elegant look.

In my opinion, their fall collections tend to be better then their spring collections, because they are often more colorful and, in the words of the Mad Hatter, they have more “muchness.” Then again, a lot of designers tend to have boring spring collection, because somehow, come spring, we all need to wear white and look incredibly dull.

But there shan’t be any dullness here, so enjoy the United Bamboo lovelies below (and above).

Love, Hanna

Vili Flik Design


Skirt: imp by Elin Fjøsne (her first attempt at making something by measurment, for someone else, and she did good)


It was the night before Hogswatch

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring…

Christmas is soon upon us, my dearies, and what better way to get that Christmas-spirit than to read about how other cultures celebrate this time of year! How, for instance, do they celebrate midwinter in, let’s say, Ankh Morpork? Want me to tell you? It is not that different from our own festivities. They celebrate Hogswatch, when the fat man gives out presents to children who have not been naughty. But have you heard the story about that one fatal Hogswatch night when Death had to take on the role as Hogfather in order to ensure that the sun would rise again? It is a very good story. And you can read all about it in Terry Pratchett’s amazingly wonderful novel Hogfather (1997).

Or you can enjoy the equally amazingly wonderful film version, also cleverly named Hogfather, from 2006. It is, and I don’t say this lightly, as good as the novel.

Whichever you prefer, this is a must-read/ must-see!

So snuggle up and enjoy!

Love, Elin

Chuck Bass

So there is a reason to watch Gossip Girl besides the awesome clothes. That reason is, of course, the villain of the story, the brilliant Chuck Bass.

Filthy rich bad boy Chuck Bass, portrayed by Ed Westwick, is, if you ask me, what makes the show interesting. And he does it with a great personal style. Have some photos.

Love, Hanna

Maria Cornejo

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know I’m a day late with Designer Day, but I do hope that the simple elegance of the clothes I’m about to show you will encourage you all to forgive me. Today I’m introducing you to a classy designer from Chile, Maria Cornejo.

After moving to New York, Cornejo opened her store in 1998, with her brand called Zero.

Zero is supposed  to express the vision of its designer: Spare, modern, minimal, feminine, unpretentious, clean and elegant clothes. Maybe not the everyday stuff you see here at Vili Flik, but hello, the dresses are good. Although, was I to wear them I would need a bunch of accessories and some awesome tights, but still, great clothes. If it’s good enough for Tilda, it’s good enough for me.

Cornejo plays with cuts and angles rather than with patterns and colors, which makes for very elegant and often a bit different clothes.

Love, Hanna

Cate Blanchett

Catherine Elisé Blanchett (1969- ) is a renowned Australian actress.

Her brilliant carrier began in 1993 when she played opposite Geoffrey Rush in the play Oleanna, for which she won the Sydney Theatre Critics’ Best Newcomer Award. She then appeared in various TV series. However, she became internationally known with the movie Paradise Road in which she stars opposite Glenn Close.

She has later gone on to star in films like The Lord of the Rings, Elizabeth, The Aviator and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Cate has been nominated to, and won, several awards, including a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Also, she is very beautiful.



Love, Elin