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It’s a Book

Mari and I went shopping. And we found the awesomest book by Lane Smith, a children’s book of few words and lovely drawings, with a good point to boot! The book? “It’s a Book” (2010). The book is about a monkey who likes to read, and a curious donkey who doesn’t quite get what a book is for. Luckily, youtube has a trailer for the book, however, all is not included, so you’ll just have to get up off the couch and find the book yourself.

Love, Hanna


Vili Flik Design

I am currently working on a collection inspired by the Alice computer games. And this is the first item in the bunch: A skirt that can be worn on both sides (please excuse Judy’s nudity, she’s a bit of a free spirit).



I am quite pleased with this.

Love, Elin

Vili Flik Design

Last weekend I made a couple of new dresses, one still is in need of some tiny adjustments, but the other, world, I am ready to share with you:


I was inspired from a 1963 Burda pattern, but of course, having no patience with patterns, I didn’t use it. The belt can be removed, but I think it adds some umph to the dress.

brukbart - Kopi

Dress: Read! by Hanna Volle. Like?

Love, Hanna


To celebrate the Norwegian release of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (2012), I thought it would be nice to take a look at one of my favourite Tim Burton films: the animated short Vincent from 1982. It’s oh so charming, funny and sweet, and the best part is I can link to the whole film here!


Don’t you just love it?

Love, Mari