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The Fry Chronicles

I have been watching a lot of QI lately and am falling deeper and deeper in love with that wonderful man Stephen Fry. He is truly a work of genius. But not only is he interesting on TV, he is also very interesting in writing, and this is why you should all read The Fry Chronicles (as well as all his other books of course).

The Fry Chronicles is an autobiography in two volumes. The first describes his childhood years and the second is about his time at university and his first years working for the BBC.

The books are very interesting and wonderfully written, and you will find yourself wanting to be his best friend (and possible regretting not making more of your own years at university).

I truly recommend spending some time with the Fry.

And here is a bonus video for you, expressing what many women surely must feel:

Love, Elin


One response

  1. Check him out in the “Absolute Power” radio series as well!

    November 26, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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