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Take Shelter

Curtis, a young husband and father, is troubled by a series of apocalyptic visions and dreams in which his friends are trying to harm him and his daughter. Fearing for the safety of himself and his family, he decides to build a storm shelter in the garden. But are the visions real? Or has he simply inherited his mother’s schizophrenia?

Take Shelter (2011) is directed by Jeff Nichols and stars Michael Shannon as Curtis, and Jessica Chastain as Samantha, his wife. The film is quiet, at times slow, and leaves you wondering throughout just where the story is going. Shannon does a great job at portraying the quiet and troubled Curtis, and his almost intense features add to the weirdness of it all. This is a good film, and probably the most low-key apocalypse movies made so far. It is very much recommended!

Love, Elin

Patti Smith

I’ve followed the trend set by Mari last Thursday, and chosen another singer- songwriter and artist as this week’s Hottie: the godmother of punk, the fantastic Patti Smith (1946 – )

Patti Smith spent the first part of the 70s painting, writing and performing, before finally appearing on the rock scene in 1974. The first album, Horses, came a year later, and mixed punk rock and spoken poetry.

Other studio albums include: Radio Ethiopia (1976), Easter (1978), Wave (1979), Dream of Life (1988), Gone Again (1996: which was a tribute to the friends and family of Smith’s who had passed away, including her husband, brother Todd, Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Sohl and Kurt Cobain.), Peace and Noise (1997), Gung Ho (2000), Trampin (2004) and Twelve (2007). One of the tracks on Twelve is Smith’s amazing cover version of Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Check it out.

But it is her song, “Because the Night”, co-written with Bruce Springsteen, that stands as her most famous one.

But in addition to great music and lyrics (not to be confused with the not so great movie), Smith is also a writer, having published poetry and other writings since 1972.  In 2010 she published the memoir Just Kids, which went on the win the National Book Award for non-fiction the same year.

Expect that one to be Flik of the Week sometime in the near future.

Patti Smith, people. Listen and read and enjoy.

Love, Hanna

Vintage Weddings

The other day I found this amazing little antique store which had, among other things, lots and lots of old photographs. I really love the romantic-nostalgic feeling these old pictures give. And, seriously, everyone look so great! Isn’t it strange how the world is more beautiful in black and white? Anyway, in honor of these old memories, this Wednesday is all about old wedding photos.

Ah, love.

Pretty, non?

Love, Elin