You're not in Kansas anymore…

Kurt Cobain

I thought it was time for a musician hottie again, and who better than Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of one of my all time favorite bands; Nirvana?

Kurt Cobain was an American guitarist and singer who formed the  band Nirvana in 1985 (a very, very good year, might I add). Nirvana became a part of the Seattle grunge scene, and I think I’m in the right when I say that it is the band still closest associated with grunge.

They had massive success with their second album, Nevermind, something Cobain himself was never quite comfortable with – having problems with all the media attention, and not believing that the audience really got the message the band was trying to convey.

But enough about Nirvana, I wanan focus on the musical geniusness of the Kurt himself. To him music was most important, the lyrics came second. He himself described his lyrics as: “a big pile of contradictions. They’re split down the middle between very sincere opinions that I have and sarcastic opinions and feelings that I have and sarcastic and hopeful, humorous rebuttals toward cliché bohemian ideals that have been exhausted for years.”

Fun facts about the Kurt: He got married in a green pajamas, because he couldn’t be bothered to put on a tux. I like it! Think outside the box! And Kurt did have a fabulous style.

Fun fact 2: He read books. That’s right, kids, reading is sexy. His favorite author was William S. Burroughs, but he also had a longish Anthony Burgess phase – reading everything he wrote.


Fun Fact 3: The song “Rape Me” is not really about rape, he wrote it about the treatment he got from the media.

Fun fact 4: Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger.

Fun fact 5: Bob Dylan’s favorite Nirvana song was “Polly,” a song Kurt wrote about a girl on the news who’d been raped and tortured with a blowtorch. After Dylan saw Nirvana perform he said about the Kurt: “the kid has heart.”

And a last fun fact before we move on to tragedy: the song “Scentless Apprentice” was inspired from Cobain reading Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind.

But the Kurt battled depression and drug addiction, and in 1994 he sadly committed suicide, 27 years old. Whether or not he actually did kill himself is uncertain, there are some rumors that his credit card was used a week after he died, and that according to the coroner he had so much heroin in his blood that he couldn’t have been able to shoot himself. But all this is basically wasted speculation, since Kurt Cobain did die, and nothing can bring him back.

Sad now? Me too. Best way to beat it? Go put on some Nirvana music and enjoy.

Love, Hanna


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