You're not in Kansas anymore…

Take Shelter

Curtis, a young husband and father, is troubled by a series of apocalyptic visions and dreams in which his friends are trying to harm him and his daughter. Fearing for the safety of himself and his family, he decides to build a storm shelter in the garden. But are the visions real? Or has he simply inherited his mother’s schizophrenia?

Take Shelter (2011) is directed by Jeff Nichols and stars Michael Shannon as Curtis, and Jessica Chastain as Samantha, his wife. The film is quiet, at times slow, and leaves you wondering throughout just where the story is going. Shannon does a great job at portraying the quiet and troubled Curtis, and his almost intense features add to the weirdness of it all. This is a good film, and probably the most low-key apocalypse movies made so far. It is very much recommended!

Love, Elin


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