You're not in Kansas anymore…


Today’s post is mostly for those of you who are in the Budapest-area or planning a visit to Budapest (which you totally should because it is a beautiful city). And if you are, then this is the place to shop: Jajcica (which is Hungarian for “cat”).

The shop is located in Dohány Utca 94, in the seventh district, which is a bit outside of the typical tourist areas and therefore it can be slightly difficult to find. However, it is well worth looking for. A winding staircase takes you down to a basement filled with everything your vintage-loving heart can desire. Three narrow rooms are stacked from floor to ceiling with swing skirts, Levis 501’s, wedding dresses, biker’s clothes, Doc Martin boots, Adidas sneaker’s, military clothes, top hats, bowler hats, gasmasks, jewelry, buttons, Marvel t-shirts, vests, ties, roller skates, bags, gloves, scarves and everything in between. Seriously, they have everything! And the people working there are very nice too.

Jajcica is open 10 – 19 on weekdays and 10 – 14 on Saturdays, and you can visit their webpage here: Go check it out!

Love, Elin



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