You're not in Kansas anymore…

Jason Wu

Finally – there shall be fashion! Jason Wu (1982) is, in addition to being disgustingly young, an amazing Taiwanese-American fashion designer. Oh, to the glory that is his creative brain.

Young Mr. Wu learned to sew by designing and making clothes for dolls as a child, and at age 16 he began to create freelance doll clothing designs for a toy company called Integrity Toys. A year later he was Creative Director for the same company. Insane, I know.

He went from dolls to studying, at Parsons New School for Design, before interning with Narciso Rodriguez.

Then the genius went on to launch his own fashion career, supported by his earnings for the doll designs. He had his runway debut in 2006, and since then his career has been skyrocketing.

Over 85% of Wu’s collections are actually manufactured in New York City’s Garment district, because the designer wants to focus on couture quality craftmanship. Nice.

And the craftmanship really is amazing – all the little details which can take as much as 1000 hours to create speak of a perfectionist. And look at the results. Gorgeous.

Love, Hanna


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