You're not in Kansas anymore…


As the wintery weather is still going strong here in Norway, I thought it best that we stay in Italy. At least for another Designer Day. And therefore I have chosen the high fashion house Fendi to be the main character in this post.

The amazing woman above is Adele Casagrande – founder of Fendi. Ms. Casagrande started out in Rome in 1918 by opening a fur and leather goods shop. In 1925 she married the man above, Edoardo Fendi, and changed the name of the business to Fendi. The couple had five daughters, who all took part in the family business, and in the 1950’s Fendi was fast becoming a name connected to haute couture.

In 1965 someone new joined the Fendi business. You might have heard of him, his name is Karl Lagerfeld. He actually invented the Fendi logo, along with developing new and different ways to use fur. For the first time, they created a lighter and more fitted coat for women, for which we all are very grateful – are we not?

Don’t you just love the background? I know the use of fur is very widely discussed right now, and you probably have an opinion of it too, but, in the case of Fendi – the use of fur lead to something fabulous. The Fendi sisters couldn’t seem to find clothes they liked for their models to wear under their furs at fashion shows. So what happened? Fendi started designing clothes! Yes, yes.

And my, what clothes…

And the clothes lead to, why, yes, the accessories of course! Among them the Fendi Queen of Accessories – the baguette handbag – a Fendi trademark.

Today it is Adele Grandecasa’s grandaughter, Maria Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is head of Fendi’s style department, and the creative director? Well, it’s no other than Karl Lagerfeld. It can’t go wrong.

What do you think? I know I adore it.

Love, Hanna


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