You're not in Kansas anymore…


Hello dear internet!

We apologise profusely for the lack of updates the past year. We’ve been busy doing actual paid work, moving (some of us abroad), and generally being fabulous! But we feel bad, and we miss you guys and doing this, so we have decided to try to resurrect the blog. Yay!

So from this week on, we will try to update regularly again. Now, we are not promising to update as often as we used to (5-7 times a week), because we have lives and jobs and are responsible, important adults now, but we are aiming for at least three updates a week.

So enjoy, good people of the vast internet. We have missed you, and we hope you’ll keep checking for updates (even though we’ve let you down for some time now). We love you all!


Elin, Hanna and Mari


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