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Yves Saint Laurent

Ready for another Designer Day? You better be. Today is all about a fabulous man named Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) – French fashion genius, and maybe the guy whose career I’d most like to steal. He was awesome.

Yves Saint-Laurent is easiest one of the greatest names in the history of fashion, and can be credited with, I quote from Wikipedia:

“spurring the couture’s rise from its sixties ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable. He is also credited with having introduced the tuxedo suit for women, being the first designer to use ethnic models in his runway shows, and referencing other cultures in his work.”

At 17 years old, Saint Laurent was hired to be none other than Christian Dior’s assistant. When Dior died four years later, Saint Laurent, age 21, became head of Dior. See why I want his career? His Spring 1958 Collection for Dior saved the fashion house from financial ruin. Brilliant, brilliant man.

However, he didn’t stay at Dior long, he was fired in 1960, while fighting in the French-Algerian war. So it was, that already in 1961, 25-year old Yves started his own fashion house. (Sorry if I seem obsessed with age today, it’s a mix between envy and admiration.)

Saint Laurent’s agenda was to shock people – to force them to think. He loved using color, and emphasized Coco Chanel’s statement that fashion changes, but style last forever.

Since Mr. Laurent himself retired in 2002, the head designer for YSL has been the talented Italian designer Stefano Pilati.

This beautiful combination of fashion and literature is a result of the glorious Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent


Love, Hanna

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