You're not in Kansas anymore…

Tom Ford

Hello my glorious Vili Flik readers, and welcome to the age of Ford. Tom Ford.

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer who in 1990 made the lifechanging decision of moving to Milano. There he started working as a designer for Gucci, and quickly worked his way up – already in 1994 he was the Creative Director for the brand. After Mr. Ford took over Gucci went from making 230 million dollars a year to 3 billion dollars a year – in less than a 10 year period. Needless to say, Tom Ford is brilliant – and is welcome to fix my personal economy anytime. 

In the year 2000 (or year 10 in the age of Ford if you wish,) Tom Ford also became Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent.

And in 2005 he launched his own brand: Tom Ford. Sadly, so far, this is a brand for menswear only. Although we do hope that will change!

Since launching his own brand obviously isn’t challenging enough for a genius like Mr. Ford, 2005 was also the year when he opened his own film production company: Fade to Black. Through this company he co-wrote, directed and produced the movie A Single Man, which premiered in 2009, starring Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode.

Run and rent it, people!

But, we are not done yet. Or, at least, Tom Ford isn’t. This year, during New York Fashion Week, Mr. Ford brought exclusivity back. By hosting his fashion show with only 100 specially invited guests, and only his own photographers, making sure that no other will see the coming collection before it comes to the store. I both love and hate the idea. On the on side – it is brilliant, but on the other – I want to see the clothes! And sadly, none of us Vili Flik’ers were among the 100 invited guests. But we do look forward to see what Mr. Ford has come up with. And while waiting we can look at stuff he has already done gloriously well.

For Yves Saint Laurent

For Gucci

Love, Hanna

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