You're not in Kansas anymore…

House of Leaves

By Mark Z. Danielewski.



How to explain this book?

I guess it is a half-finished document investigating something called the Navidson tapes.
This document is filled with footnotes from the person writing it, the person who found it (our main character, or at least one of them, depending on your definition) and the editors of House of Leaves. The Navidson tapes are a collection of short films exploring the house of Mr. Navidson, a photographer who discovers that his house is bigger on the inside than on the outside (and not in a cute Harry Potter-fancy tents-way).

One thing is for certain: You must, must, must read this book! (Don’t let the size put you off, you will read this in a heartbeat!)

This is one of the most impressive books I have read in years! It is really more a work of art than a novel. This is a ghost story, a love story, a psychological investigation, an allegory, a story about madness, loneliness, mystery, fear, as well as a mockery of western civilization’s attempt to rationalize everything, even the unexplainable (and as such it is filled with quotes, statements and analysis worthy of a text book). It is brilliant! Read it!

Just beware that if you are easily scared, don’t be home alone, this book really sneaks up on you.

Love, Elin


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