You're not in Kansas anymore…

Cabin in the Woods

It’s autumn and thus time for horror! I know Halloween was a while ago, but in my opinion, you can watch horror films all year round. Although they are naturally more effective during the dark months of autumn. And what better film to watch than Cabin in the Woods (2011).

Written by the legendary Joss Whedon (yes, I am a Buffy-fan) and Drew Goddard, and directed by the latter, Cabin in the Woods is one of the most interesting, surprising and intriguing horror films in the past few years. I cannot actually tell you much about it without spoiling it, but suffice to say, it takes all the American horror film clichés and plays with them in a very interesting way. With great writers and a great director, this works very well for the film, and made it an instant favourite for me. Scary, hilarious and extremely good entertainment!


Love, Mari


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