You're not in Kansas anymore…


So, in August I went home for a short visit with my parents, and on impulse I asked my mum if she could teach me how to crochet. You see, I needed something to do while watching TV (because I am an old lady), but I just can’t knit. I’ve tried several times, it just isn’t happening, so my hope was that crochet, which only includes one needle, would be the right thing for me. And it turned out that it was! After one (long) evening if trial and error and many, many swear words, I had gotten the hang of it.

A granny square

So when I arrived back home I boldly went and bought some lovely yarn and set out to make a shawl. I decided on granny squares thinking I could just crochet them together when they were all done. I was full of hope and glorious visions of my beautiful shawl.
Then two things happened:

1)      I realized that my winter coat is bright green (poison green, really) and that it would completely clash with the colors of my shawl, which will be dark blue, bright purple-pink and turquoise. Damn. Oh well, I thought, fuck it, I’ll make it a thing, mismatching is the new black, right? Besides, I could always by a new coat.

So I finished my granny squares, used all the yarn, and then realized

2)      I probably should have saved some of that yarn for the crocheting together… Damn. Oh well, off I went to the yarn shop and found almost the right color, problem solved-ish. I sat down eager to put my shawl together. I looked at my granny squares, I looked at my ball of yarn. I looked at my crochet needle. And I realized that I have no clue as to how to put them together. I have tried to be logical about it, but it is just not working.

So for two months now I have had a bag full of beautiful granny squares, waiting for my aunt to visit and show me how to crochet them together. She arrives this week, so hopefully I will have a shawl ready before Christmas. That, kids, is what happens when you attempt to do stuff you don’t know whilst living in a different country from anyone who could have shown you how to do it.

Still, crochet is quite fun and easy (I mean, I figured it out), and a good option for us knitting-retards. Here are my beautiful granny squares, fingers crossed that it will be a finished shawl soon:


A work in progress

Love, Elin


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