You're not in Kansas anymore…

My Invented Country

“Let’s begin at the beginning, with Chile, that remote land that few people can locate on the map because it’s as far as you can go without falling off the planet.”

My Invented Country (2003) is a memoir by Isabel Allende. Allende, who is originally from Chile, moved around a lot as a child, and later on, when Agosto Pinochet took the power in the 70s, she emigrated for good. Anyhow, Chile remains her country, and in this memoir she looks back at her life there, and how the Chilean culture have and continues to influence her.

It’s beautifully written, like all books I’ve read by Allende, and is full of funny and sarcastic little quotes which lightens up the reading, even if we are in the middle of a bloody coup d’etat. I had to read this book with a pen, underlining sentences, drawing hearts and writing notes in the margins. (Yeah, I do that). The book teaches you a lot of history, (who knew there was a civil war in Lebanon in 1958? I sure didn’t.I It also makes you want to read more Allende, and to visit Chile.

So go find yourself this little book and enjoy! See you in Santiago?

Love, Hanna


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