You're not in Kansas anymore…

The Artist

If you are only watching one movie this year, then The Artist (2011) should probably be it.

The story is about silent movie star George Valentin who fails to make the transition from “silents” to “talkies”, and falls into oblivion and despair. However, Peppy Miller, a young starlet, is willing to do whatever it takes to save him. Will she succeed?

The Artist is a black and white silent movie about the film industry in the 1920s. It stars Jean Dujardin as a very convincing Valentin, and Bérénice Bejo as the peppy Peppy (see what they did there?). It is extremely skillfully made and actually won five Oscars, all of them truly deserved. And I know what you’re thinking: Black and white? Silent movie? How dull! But believe me, it is anything but!

So go and see it!

Love, Elin


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