You're not in Kansas anymore…

United Bamboo

United Bamboo is a fashion house founded by Vietnamese-born designer Thuy Pham and Japanese-born designer Miko Aoki. They made their New York runway debut in fall 2004.

In addition to fashion, the duo also collaborate in making art and music.

Interestingly, United Bamboo issue an annual calendar of cats wearing the brands runway costumes. Like this,


For each collection, Pham and Aoki blend patterns and different cuts with a downtown chic style, creating an elegant look.

In my opinion, their fall collections tend to be better then their spring collections, because they are often more colorful and, in the words of the Mad Hatter, they have more “muchness.” Then again, a lot of designers tend to have boring spring collection, because somehow, come spring, we all need to wear white and look incredibly dull.

But there shan’t be any dullness here, so enjoy the United Bamboo lovelies below (and above).

Love, Hanna


2 responses

  1. Cats should model all clothes. It’s not called the catwalk for nothin’. ❤

    December 23, 2011 at 12:38 pm

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