You're not in Kansas anymore…


It was the night before Hogswatch

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring…

Christmas is soon upon us, my dearies, and what better way to get that Christmas-spirit than to read about how other cultures celebrate this time of year! How, for instance, do they celebrate midwinter in, let’s say, Ankh Morpork? Want me to tell you? It is not that different from our own festivities. They celebrate Hogswatch, when the fat man gives out presents to children who have not been naughty. But have you heard the story about that one fatal Hogswatch night when Death had to take on the role as Hogfather in order to ensure that the sun would rise again? It is a very good story. And you can read all about it in Terry Pratchett’s amazingly wonderful novel Hogfather (1997).

Or you can enjoy the equally amazingly wonderful film version, also cleverly named Hogfather, from 2006. It is, and I don’t say this lightly, as good as the novel.

Whichever you prefer, this is a must-read/ must-see!

So snuggle up and enjoy!

Love, Elin


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