You're not in Kansas anymore…

The King’s Speech

Ah yes, another Friday night with nothing interesting on the telly. Well, fear not, my friends, I have an excellent suggestion for tonight’s entertainment: The King’s Speech (2010).

It is the Second World War, Britain is facing a crisis. The king dies and the successor to the throne abdicates. It is now up to the seemingly unfit second son, George, to take on the role as king and keep his country calm. However, he is held back by an insufferable stammer. Will he, with the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue, be able to overcome his handicap and rule the land?

The King’s Speech won four Oscars for best directing, best motion picture, best leading actor and best original screenplay. It also won 64 other awards, so you know that this is a good film. It stars Colin Firth as King George VI, Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth and Jeffrey Rush as Lionel Logue.

This is a must-see, so if you haven’t already, do so tonight!

Love, Elin


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