You're not in Kansas anymore…

If Chins Could Kill

If you’re not familiar with actor and cult icon Bruce Campbell (1958 – ), you should check out the Evil Dead-movies (1981-92) which earned him his cult hero status. When you’ve done that, watch his performance as a mummy-fighting geriatric Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) (a fairly underrated movie in my opinion). Then, it’s time for his self-degrading My Name is Bruce (2007). By this time, you are familiar enough with his face to play a game of Spot-The-Bruce in Sam Raimi’s films (he appears in almost all of them). It is at this point that you need to read his hilarious and insightful autobiography If Chins Could Kill – Confessions of a B-Movie Actor (2002).

The title says it all. In this memoir, Campbell recounts his life as an actor whose main body of work consists of so-called B-movies. As he puts it: “The bigger the movie, the smaller the part.” Hilarious as the man himself, the book also offers an interesting inside look at the Hollywood movie-industry – not from the view of a hugely overpaid A-list star, but from someone who tries to make a living in a notoriously unstable profession. Enjoy!

Love, Mari


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