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Teddy Boy

The subculture of Teddy Boys began in London in the 1950s and rapidly spread across the UK. The style is typified by clothes inspired by dandies of the Edwardian period, and includes drape jackets, sometimes with a velvet trim collar and pocket flaps, high waist “drainpipe” trousers, often exposing the socks, high-necked loose-collared white shirts, narrow ties and brocade waistcoats. For the feet, one preferres highly polished Oxfords, chunky brogues or suede crepe-soled shoes, and the hair is worn greased up with a quiff at the front and the sides combed back to form a “duck’s arse” at the rear.

For the Teddy Girls (or Judies) there are drape jackets, pencil skirts, hobble skirts, long plaits, rolled up jeans, flat shoes, tailored jackets with velvet collars, straw boater hats, cameo brooches, espadrilles, coolie hats and long elegant clutch bags.

The Teddy Boy has had several revivals since the 50s, not least with regard to the popularity of Rockabilly music. In 2007 The Edwardian Teddy Boy Association was formed and it continues to work for a revival of the original Teddy Boy style and ethos.










Love, Elin


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