You're not in Kansas anymore…

Guillaume Henry

Allow me to introduce a relatively new Parisian fashion designer – the promising young (how young I actually do not know, since there is nothing on him on Wikipedia) Guillaume Henry (misspelling of name will most probably occur throughout the post).

Guillaume Henry is one of those who has had a quick rise to fame and career and fortune and all that jazz. Basically a guy we would totally hate, if only he didn’t make such fabulous clothes. But now I guess we kinda love him, since he does make those.

Henry did a twelve month’s course in fashion at the Institut Français de la Mode, before leaving to work as a trainee at Givenchy in 2003.

From Givenchy (’cause who stays at Givenchy, really?) he went on to Riccardo Tisci and Paule KA. But then, in 2009, his phone rang. The caller was, of course, the French fashion house Carven, asking him what he thought of them. When answering that they should concentrate on dressing real women, he suddenly found himself with a new job. As creative director (yes, that is jealousy you see, dripping between the lines).

Since Henry is still pretty new to the fashion world, he hasn’t too many collections to show for yet. But I have a pretty good feeling about the upcoming ones.

Love, Hanna


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