You're not in Kansas anymore…


So to follow up on yesterday’s post, this Friday’s film suggestion is Capote (2005).

The story is partly biographical and depicts the writer Truman Capote’s investigation into the murder of a family in Kansas, with the intention of turning the story into a novel called In Cold Blood. Despite being an arrogant, flamboyant outsider, he manages to get the locals to open up to him and reveal information, and he even develops a close relationship with one of the killers. However, as he digs deeper into the story, he finds himself struggling with his own emotions and reactions.

 The real Truman Capote

The film is shocking, sad, funny and, I think, quite honest regarding the tension between Truman’s sympathy for the killers and his need for a closure to the novel, which only an execution can provide. Capote is beautifully portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, who won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor, for his work.

So go watch it, people!

Love, Elin


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