You're not in Kansas anymore…

Diane von Fürstenberg

We tend to ignore royalty here at Vili Flik, but today we’ll try to mend that, by choosing an ex-Princess to be our designer.

Diane Von Fürstenberg (1946 – )  is a fabulous Belgian-American designer, who introduced the world to the wrap-dress. (Personally, not really a favorite of mine (the dress, that is), but hey, who am I to judge, it’s not like I’ve invented a new piece of clothing. Yet.) Luckily, she has introduced the world to a lot of other great clothing as well, just take a look.

Von Fürstenberg actually studied economics – it wasn’t until she was about to marry Prince Egon of Fürstenberg that she decided to become a designer: “The minute I knew I was about to be Egon’s wife, I decided to have a career. I wanted to be someone of my own, and not just a plain little girl who got married beyond her desserts.” And aren’t we glad she did?

Love, Hanna


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