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QI – Quite Interesting

Hello dearies, and welcome to another Friday Film. Although, technically, today’s feature is not a film, but a rather brilliant British quiz show; QI – Quite Interesting, with its wonderful quiz-master, hottie Stephen Fry.

The show started in 2003, and the format is basically that of any quiz show: one host (or quiz master) and a panel of guests. In addition to Mr Fry, Alan Davies is a regular panelist, while the three additional chairs are occupied by a variety of lovely and hilarious guests.

Alan Davies and Stephen Fry

The show questions your world view and challenges “truths” you’ve been sure of your entire life. For an obvious or wrong answer, the panelists lose points, but they can gain points not only by giving the right answer, but also by being quite interesting – hence the title. As the panel often consists of comedians, this makes QI not only interesting, but very entertaining and fun.

Each series is given a letter rather than a number (series A, series B etc), and each episode has a theme starting with the letter of the series (Espionage, Family, Greeks, Gravity etc). If you haven’t come across this show before, I suggest you tune into BBC and catch it. British entertainment at its best!

I’ll leave you with a round-up of some of the best bits from series 7, or G if you will. Enjoy!





Love, Mari


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