You're not in Kansas anymore…

Vera Wang

Hello dearies! Yesterday we at Vili Flik went to a wedding exhibition (believe it or not) at a museum nearby where we got to see vintage Chanel and Dior and lots of other lovelies. Vera Wang (1949 – ) was not among the prestigious party, but she definetly should have been, since she, a marvellous designer, might be best known for her bridal collections.

Yeah… I’m gonna need a purple throne. Anyway, back to Mrs. Wang. She is another of the glorious designers who has not studied fashion – actually Vera Wang has a degree in art history, and entering the world of fashion was more of an afterthought after having failed to make the US Olympics team (as a figure skater). And aren’t we glad she did? Fashion yay, sports yuck.

In 1990, Vera Wang opened her design salon in New York – before this she had worked as a design director for Ralph Lauren and as a senior fashion editor for Vogue.

Some of the brilliance of Vera Wang lies in that she combines rich fabrics traditionally associated with French couture, such as duchesses satin and silk lace, with more low-key, relaxed American style – creating a perfect fusion.

Oh the awesomeness. Must go make clothes.

Love, Hanna


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