You're not in Kansas anymore…

Ryan Conferido

Now , the person with the (un)healthy obsession with Asian dancers alluded to in last week’s post is me , and I now feel the overwhelming need to present to you the man who started it all , Mr Ryan “Ryanimay” Conferido – dancer extraordinaire .

My obsession started when he was a contestant on the first season of the American (and original) version of So You Think You Can Dance in 2005 , and it has grown ever since .

Especially when I found out that he’s also a musician (<– link to one of his songs , not explanation as to what the word “musician” means) .

Ryan was born in 1983 , or so it is claimed . Personally , I’m not sure he was born at all , as he does things with his body which should not be humanly possible . Hence , my theory is that he is some sort of lovely cyborg . Or alien . Really , check out some videos on YouTube – you’re not supposed to do a back flip and land on your head without seriously injuring yourself ! Whatever his origins though , they designed him really well – very hot indeed .

Ryan unfortunately didn’t win SYTYCD , but he did manage to take the victory in another dance show – America’s Best Dance Crew – with Quest Crew in season 3 . Yes , they’re a bunch of hot Asian dancers , and yes , I’m kind of in love with all of them now .

Great dancers, great hair (mainly courtesy of Ryan , who I believe cuts it) .

If you wonder what they did to win ABDC , the two routines from the finale can be seen here and here . Well deserved victory indeed . And you should also check out their steampunk set from a guest performance at SYTYCD .

You can check them all out on their website , , or on YouTube . So much great dancing , charm and charisma , and great , great hair !

Love , Mari


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