You're not in Kansas anymore…

Harry Shum Jr.

One of the other girls here at Vili Flik has a rather (un)healthy obsession with Asian dancers, and I’m not sure whether I’m happy or unhappy to report that this obsession has started to spread, and that’s why, dear readers, I present to you the gorgeous and awesomely talented dancer Harry Shum Jr (1982 – ).

He might also be a tad known for playing Mike Chang in Glee (which, yes, I totally watch. There. Judge me as much as you want).

The glorious Shum started dancing in high school, and he tends to incorporate styles such as popping, locking, waving and breaking into his dance. And let me tell you, it’s brilliant. Which is probably why he’s a dancer and coreographer for the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (I’m not a member, no, but thanks for asking). And the man tends to have great style as well, check it out:

Looking all nice and nerdy. Check out his dancing on Glee or youtube – you won’t regret it.

Love, Hanna


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