You're not in Kansas anymore…

Jeanette Winterson

Today I present to you, dear readers, the wonderfully talented author Jeanette Winterson (1959 -).

And I shamelessly quote from her webpage: “Winterson was born in Manchester, England, and adopted by Pentecostal parents who brought her up in the nearby mill-town of Accrington. As a Northern working class girl she was not encouraged to be clever. Her adopted father was a factory worker, her mother stayed at home. There were only six books in the house, including the Bible and Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments. Strangely, one of the other books was Malory’s Morte d’Arthur, and it was this that started her life quest of reading and writing. Reading was not much approved unless it was the Bible. Her parents intended her for the missionary field. Schooling was erratic but Jeanette had got herself into a girl’s grammar school and later she read English at Oxford University.” And glad we are that she did not end up as a missionary! She wrote her first novel, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, at the age of 23. The novel was followed by the comic book Boating for Beginners and 13 more novels, including Lighthousekeeping, which has been featured on the blog before.

In 2006 Jeanette Winterson was awarded an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for services to literature, and she has won various awards around the world for her fiction and adaptations, including the Whitbread Prize and the Prix d’argent Cannes Film Festival.

If you have not yet read any of her work, do so! She is brilliant!

Love, Elin


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