You're not in Kansas anymore…

Cillian Murphy

Have I got a treat for you today, dear readers! It’s been awhile since we have had some hotties, but this one has been worth waiting for, in fact, I suspect that this man could be the new Johnny Depp (and I don’t say that lightly):

Yes, Cillian Murphy! This Irish treat was born in Cork, in 1976. He began his performing career as a rock musician, but luckily moved on to the stage in 1996, when he debuted in the play Disco Pigs.

Cillian is a versatile actor and has played everything from a supervillain, to a glam transgender orphan, to an astronaut, and starred in films such as Breakfast on Pluto, 28 Days Later, Batman Begins, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Sunshine and Inception.

He has received several award-nominations, but has yet to win any of the big ones. Clearly the juries lack good taste.

But enough talking, have some more pictures:

And just for fun:

Love, Elin


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