You're not in Kansas anymore…

The Twiggy Dress

To be honest with you, our dear readers, I have to admit that I have yet to understand the difference between a Twiggy Dress and a Scooter Dress. All I know is that they are both fabulous, and look kind of alike. So, even though I’ve titled this Wednesday Vintage post “The Twiggy Dress,” some of the pictures may be of a Scooter dress. I beg that you forgive my ignorance, and should you, o Wise Reader, happen to know what separates these two equally magnificent kinds of dresses, then please, do not hesistate to share your knowledge with us.

The name Twiggy dress comes from the clothes line the English supermodel Twiggy Hornby (1949 – ) launched in 1966. The dresses are short and often with some sort of awesome pattern.



Whatever the proper name for these dresses – Twiggy, scooter, or simply mini – at least we can all agree that they are awesomely cool and fabulous.

Love, Hanna


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