You're not in Kansas anymore…

Pablo Ramirez

It’s not easy to find a lot of personal information about Argentinian designer Pablo Ramirez. Whose fault is that? So glad you asked: As always, sports is the root of all evil. Apparently there’s some football or soccer or some equally lame sport player with the same name – so if you google this awesome designer, most of the result you’ll get will be about sweaty t-shirts and scores. Who cares? (Yeah, we’re not so much sports fans here at Vili Flik (we have brains)). Anyway, I now declare rant over, so that we can focus on the one and only Designer Day worthy Pablo Ramirez.

Ramirez studied fashion in Buenos Aires, and after working some time in Paris, returned to Argentina where he made his debut collection “Casta”.

Before starting his career as a fashion designer, Ramirez worked as a costume designer for operas, theaters and ballets, and his style does seem influenced by this. It’s dramatic and elegant and excessively magnificent. (No, I’m not trying to be objective here)

And sometimes just a tiny tad influenced by Little Red Riding Hood.

You know you love it – at least I know I do.

Love, Hanna


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