You're not in Kansas anymore…

The Plague of Doves

The gun jammed on the last shot and the baby stood holding the crib rail, eyes wild, bawling.

Not too long ago, Louise Erdrich’s brilliant novel Love Medicine featured as Flik of the Week. However, given the magnificence of the author, I’d say it’s high time to present to you yet another of her novels. I give you The Plague of Doves (2008).

The novel opens with a horrible crime near the tiny, wannabe ghost town Pluto, North Dakota in 1911. In typical Erdrich style, the narrative is not linear, and she employs four (if I remember correctly) different narrators, but it’s all tied together with two elements, blood and music. To quote Novels Now: “Ultimately this is a saga of a small town (Pluto and the reservation combined) and the relationships of the people, where everyone knows everyone and are likely to be related to them somewhere down the line, and the secrets that are kept for generations until in the end all is revealed.”

Erdrich writes beautifully, and as the book ended all I wanted to do was start it again.

So here’s my recipe for a wonderful Saturday: Put on some fabulous clothes, go out, get a coffee to go, and head straight for your favorite book shop. Buy at least one Louise Erdrich novel, grab some candy (and possibly some more coffee) on your way home, find a comfy chair and read, people, READ!

Love, Hanna


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