You're not in Kansas anymore…


Today’s vintage is all about the pin-ups. The name stems from the fact that these pictures were originally cut from magazines, post cards and newspapers, and where as such meant for “informal display”; that is, to be pinned up on the wall. The term was first attested to English in 1941, put the practice dates back to at least the 1890s.

Pin-ups are photographs or drawings of sexy models and celebrities, showing swimwear or underwear. They often incorporate humor, and most of the pictures seem to be telling a story (albeit not necessarily a very deep one). There is a sense of playful innocence to the pictures, at least in this day and age where nothing is secret anymore, which is why I like them. Also, there’s some good clothing to be seen.

Here are a few more pin-ups for you to enjoy:

Love, Elin


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