You're not in Kansas anymore…

Zhang Zhifeng

First of all, happy May 17th to all of you! If you’re Norwegian, May 17th is kind of a big deal, and if you’re not, then, well, I guess it’s just another day for you. But treat yourself to an ice cream to celebrate with us.

Now, as a patriotic Norwegian (or something like that), I should choose a Norwegian designer to present to you on this most Norwegian of all days. However, as my favorite Norwegian designers are Mari, Elin and Annette, who already frequently show off their designs here, I figure that it could become somewhat of an overkill. Instead, I want to introduce you to a fabulous Chinese fashion house, which I myself discovered during last fall season’s China Fashion Week: meet Zhang Zhifeng (1965 – )

The wonderful Mr. Zhifeng is the founder and chief art director of the scrumptous Ne-Tiger, one of China’s fastest growing fashion houses.

The brand Ne-Tiger was founded in 1992, and the designs obviously draw inspiration from Chinese culture as well as trying to invent something new. I love the use of strong colors (as always) and the elegance of it all.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find some decent information about the fashion house, since every article I read about the magnificent Zhang Zhifeng seem to be filled with pro-China propaganda, and really does not focus on the designer at all. But, since the clothes as so great, I guess they speak for themselves.

Love, Hanna


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