You're not in Kansas anymore…

Polka dots

Let’s talk patterns. Favorite patterns. My favorite, the simple yet stylish and awesome polka dots, is not exactly the best kept secret ever. I tend to shout it from the rooftops whenever I can, and it’s actually reached the point where I have to restrain myself not to buy more polka dottie stuff. (which isn’t working at all, btw.) Anyway, I think this fabulous pattern deserves its very own vintage post.

Did you know that the term polka dots was first used (that we know of) in 1871? Talk about vintage. The pattern became fashionable around the same time as polka became very popular (the dance we all know and love to make fun of), and that’s why it got it’s name.

The wonderful Carolina Herrera gave the polka dot pattern a comeback in the late 1980s, and it had another one around 2006. It’s just lovely, and so versatile!

Polka dot room? Yes, I need that.


See? Everything gets better if you just add some dots!

Love, Hanna


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