You're not in Kansas anymore…

René Magritte

It is time for another artist here at Vili Flik, and today’s choice is the lovely Belgian surrealist René François Ghislain Magritte (1898-1967).

Magritte was born in Lessines, in the province of Hainaut, in 1898. He began taking drawing lessons at an early age, and from 1916 to 1918 he studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Magritte’s style range from impressionist to surrealist. His work frequently displays a juxtaposition of ordinary objects in an unusual context, giving new meanings to familiar things. The most famous example is perhaps his painting of a pipe with the text “Leci n’est pas une pipe” – this is not a pipe. This might seem like a contradiction, but as he said himself: “Of course it’s not a pipe, try and stuff tobacco in it.”

Magritte was a wonderfully talented and popular artist who has influenced many other equally wonderful artists, including Andy Warhol. Please enjoy some more of his paintings:

Love, Elin


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  1. I like your painting and your imagine think

    February 20, 2012 at 4:49 am

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