You're not in Kansas anymore…

Dylan Moran

Vili Flik has been a bit busy this week designing a costume (!) which has rendered us unable to blog properly – costume making is unchartered territory for us, so it took up all our time and resources. We apologise for the lack of proper post yesterday, and also today’s belated one. Hopefully, sometime this weekend we’ll be able to put up a picture of the wonderful costume that has occupied our time, and you’ll see why sacrifices were made on its behalf.

However, we hope that this particular hottie was worth the wait. Today’s luscious specimen of mankind is none other than the wonderfully brilliant, funny and sexy Dylan Moran. *Pause for cheer*

Dylan Moran was born in Navan in Ireland in 1971, and is a comedian, actor, writer and filmmaker. You may recognise him from his amazing comedy show Black Books (2000-04).

In Black Books (which he wrote) he plays the wonderfully anti-social, drunken bookshop owner Bernard Black, opposite Bill Bailey’s Manny and Tamsin Greig’s Fran. (Basically our dream man: fond of wine and books – not so much of people.)

He is also known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead (2004), A Cock and Bull Story (2005) and Run Fatboy Run (2007).

Shaun of the Dead, aka "Harry Potter - the Cappuccino Years"

He is also a great stand-up comedian. Check out his shows Monster (2004), Like, Totally (2006), or What is It (2009) – or, catch him on his current tour! Guaranteed to please!

Now, as is our habit, I will proceed to show you some photos of the man himself. Enjoy:

Hot? Check. Talented? Check. Funny? Hell, yes!

Do yourselves a favour: go to youtube, do a search for Dylan Moran, click on pretty much any video that comes up, sit back, laugh. Repeat until your heads, sides and stomachs ache. Congratulate yourselves on a job well done.Then, if you haven’t done so already (shame on you!), procure a copy of Black Books on DVD. Follow the same procedure as above.

Love, Mari.


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