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Jil Sander

Happy Designer Day, oh ye Most Glorious Readers! Today’s designer is a German woman, the classic minimalist Heidemarie Jiline Sander (1943 – ), better known as Jil.

Jil Sander was originally a textile engineer, and she worked as a fashion editor in the German magazine Petra, before she opened a boutique selling Sonia Rykel among with her own designs. In 1968 she founded her own fashion house: Jil Sander.

Opposite to many of Vili Flik’s earlier featured designers, Jil Sander was not an immediate success. Her showing at the 1975 Paris Fashion week was a disaster, and it was not really before the beginning of the 1990s that she started gaining any noteable attention.

Jil Sander’s own place in her fashion house went into some turbulence after Prada bought the majority of the stocks in 2000. They demanded she used cheaper fabrics and more standarized patterns, she refused, and took a leave of absence. The brand suffered without her, and luckily, she made a comeback in 2003.

But, alas, in 2004, she resigned again, seemingly for good this time. And now she works as a fashion consultant, leaving the fashion house Jil Sander in the more than capable hands of it’s now head designer, Raf Simons.

Jil Sander values the understated elegance, the easily-combined, high-quality materials and refined tailoring. The clothes are always classy and seemingly comfortable. Some of the labels given the designer herself has been: the Queen of Less, the Master Minimalist and the Fashion Reductionist.

And she (and he, I suppose, giving some credit to Raf Simons as well) is not afraid of using colors. Awesome.

Love, Hanna


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