You're not in Kansas anymore…

Dries Van Noten

For our Easter Designer I have chosen to go with a brilliant man who makes comfortable looking, practical clothes (great for the holiday I would imagine, however I have no way of knowing, since both Elin and I are spending all our so-called “free-time” at school). The man of the hour is none other than Dries Van Noten (1958) the first Belgian designer to feature on our blog.

Van Noten was born into a family of tailors, and grew up with fashion (lucky man). As a boy his parents took him to fashion shows in Paris and Milan. (Again, lucky man. Yes, that is my bitterness seeping through.) He studied fashion design in Antwerp, and worked as a freelance designer before starting his own collection, which launched in 1986.

Dries Van Noten can be a bit weird, but that’s part of why I love him: he’s not afraid to mix colors, and patterns and fabrics, and the outcome is often very, very good.

He manages to mix fun and classy and chill. That’s brilliance for you.

Love, Hanna


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