You're not in Kansas anymore…

The Easter Bunny

Another week is upon us and since it is Easter I will dedicate this Monday to the Easter Bunny, a creature I’ve always found a bit…illogical. I mean, why a bunny? And why does it have eggs? It is positively mind-puzzling. So, what is the story behind this carrot-eating cutie?

The tradition of Easter eggs most likely has its origin in Germany and stems from (at least) the time of the Roman Empire. It is part of a celebration of fertility and new life, as befitting springtime, and the fertility part is probably where the bunny came into the picture. The practice of the Easter egg tradition was first recorded in a German publication in the 1500s and the first candy-Easter egg, made from pastry and sugar, was made in Germany in the early 19th century. Apparently the Germans know how to Easter it up.

According to tradition, children would build brightly colored nests out of caps and bonnets and place them in secluded areas of their homes. If they had been good, the Easter Bunny would lay delicious eggs in them.

Today’s Easter celebration has become more commercialized, and kids more than ever crave the colorful eggs of goodness. There has been a slight change of tradition, though, as it is today more normal to hide eggs around the house and have the kids search for them. The bunny is still there, however, providing chocolate to the world.

Now, let’s have a look at some bunnies:

Love, Elin


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