You're not in Kansas anymore…

Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen

Am taking legal advice to ascertain whether strangling an idiot nephew counts as murder. If it doesn’t look out for yourself. – Aunt Dahlia –

Yesterday my third nephew was born (who I’m not planning to strangle, btw), and so while contemplating what this week’s flik should be, I realized that there could only be one answer: Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen (1974) by P. G. Wodehouse. It is a classic Jeeves and Wooster story, and the last one actually, as Wodehouse was 94 when writing it, where a visit to Wooster’s notorious aunt Dahlia  and a not so innocent incident of cat-napping lead to trouble only his trusted butler (who is more like an undercover superhero, if you ask me) Jeeves can get them out of.

The Jeeves and Wooster stories are light reads, funny and ironic, and perfect for weekend (and Easter holiday) reading.

Love, Hanna


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