You're not in Kansas anymore…

Son of Rambow

The weekend has arrived at last, and I’m sure you’re all in dire need of entertainment. Fear not, dear readers, Vili Flik are here to help! Nothing will brighten your Friday like the wonderful British comedy Son of Rambow (2007).

Written and directed by Garth Jennings, it is a heartwarming story of two lonely, young boys in England in the eighties who set out to make their own version of First Blood – the first Rambo-film. Due to the rules of the religious community Will, one of the two boys, was raised in, he has never seen television, and First Blood is his first meeting with that medium. Lee is a charming misbehaving schoolboy who pirate copies films (long before this was a “normal” thing to do) and also makes his own bizarre ones. Despite their differences, the two strike up an unusual relationship and embark on a project that will test their family bonds and friendship, as well as their physical limits. It’s a wonderfully funny and emotionally touching comedy, and both boys are lovely and very charming in their individual ways. Great story, great actors and hilarious subplots –  it is a film that’s perfect for the weekend! As usual, I’ll leave you with the trailer.

Love, Mari


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